Oscar Salamanca

Óscar is an extremely talented musician, educator, composer, writer, conductor, and audio/video producer that comes from Colombia. In short, Óscar is a man of many talents! Included in his education are an Associates in Music Technologies and a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. In addition, Óscar is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Musical Creation, New Technologies and Traditional Arts. Óscar has performed in numerous musical settings in both Colombia and the United States, in addition to offering his expertise as a music educator. One of his most recent projects is that of CEO of La Fórmula Music Productions, where Óscar and more than 40 other art educators produce events that showcase the beauty of Latin American culture. Óscar has served as the Music and Technology Director at River of Life since 2016, blessing the congregation with his experience and dedication. Óscar currently lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Nadide.