At River of Life, our Core Values encompass both Bible based teaching and authentic multi-cultural relationships. As such, we have launched a discipleship program that strives to embrace both. We believe that the initial steps in the Christian Faith are delicate and that it is important, if not necessary to have someone to begin the journey with as the new believer seeks to understand how to live out their new faith.

Therefore, we strive to partner those new in the faith with those that are more mature in the faith. The initial stage of these relationships will be spent going through a workbook, First Steps, One on One Discipleship, or Growing in ChristIt is our hope that through this relationship, we will help to ground people in the basics of their faith and that they will gain a better and stronger understanding of their new faith commitment, and what it means to live as a Disciple of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that once they gain this understanding, they will then be equipped to begin the journey with others and that this discipleship process will be multiplied through their lives.