At River of Life, we believe that growth in the Christian life happens in genuine community with one another. We believe that all Christians should strive to be in relationship with other believers. We should seek individuals that are more mature to guide us along our journey as mentors. We should have friends at a similar spiritual maturity level as us to be accountability partners and close friends. And then we believe that all Christians should strive to have someone we are pouring into or mentoring.

Couples Connection

An essential element to this community taking place is through our Couples Connection Small Groups that focus on our marriages. Our desire is to do life together, so our focus is on building strong relationships in a relaxed and fun setting. We also study a portion of God’s word that relates to the previous Sunday’s sermon. We meet every other week (Friday nights & Sunday nights) from September through May. If interested in joining a Couples Connection please contact Alvin Sanders at alvin[email protected].

Tuesday Night Group

The other option for community is the group that meets every other week on Tuesday evenings. This group is multi-generational, consisting of singles, married couples, people in their 20s up to some retired folks striving to be intentionally deeper with God and each other. The group is truly the melting pot of the church and everyone is invited. Tuesday nights consist of a discussion centered around a sermon from a previous week and prayer for one another. If interested please reach out to Josh Kinderman at [email protected] and you might find it about more than just Tuesday nights, but living out life together.